Why choose serviced accommodation over a hotel?

Serviced apartments are turning out to be a more fashionable option in the tour business for business and the vacation traveler too. A serviced apartment is a house or flat that is exclusively yours for the period you will stay there. You get the freedom to go and come as you wish; there is ample space and also your own kitchen for making your preferred meals!


Privacy is among the most crucial reason for opting for serviced accommodation as compared to a hotel. At any given time, you have your time to relax, work as well as play since there are no interactions. The majority of the serviced accommodation is also equipped with a secure entrance areas and videophone entrance facilities to monitor who is coming and going. This allows the guests to have a high degree of privacy and independence.


Getting accommodation in serviced apartments compared to the hotel is pocket-friendly. Apartments are much cheaper by a significant amount when compared to hotel charges, and yet it contains a kitchen as well as a lounge. The advantages of the low costs heap even more, especially if you are have travelled as a group, or you will have a prolonged stay. Serviced apartments usually offer extremely more at a lesser cost.


Going for a serviced apartment gives you the comfort you need. No need of getting trapped in the hotel room, with serviced apartments, you have a comfortable sitting room to rest in, a flat-screen TV, and a Wi-Fi.


Space is one more significant reason for choosing serviced accommodation rather than a hotel room. There is no restriction on just a single place. You can have quite a few bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a lounge to relax in though this will depend on your selection. Serviced accommodation offers additional space for your cash. You have ample room for entertaining your visitors or meet your clients if you are on a business trip.


Food is also vital regardless of whether it is leisure or a business trip. The drawback of a hotel is that you are a bit restricted. Many hotel restaurants will probably serve one big type of meal, which isn’t of much use, especially if you don’t love a big meal. Every serviced apartment usually comes with a completely-operational. This means that you may make a late-night bite or slow breakfast quickly. If you crave a personal gourmet banquet, you look for a private chef.

Safety and Security

Serviced accommodation is self-contained and confidential. Nobody can enter through the door without your consent. The entrances usually contain CCTV cameras, security personnel, and a protected outer entry.

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